Thursday, January 28, 2010

...and the subject was Dinosaurs!

My daughter's 2nd grade dinosaur project was finally handed in today! What an amazingly talented little 7 year old we have. She produced her very own song, her very own memory game ( characters shown above) and her very own poster and diorama! wow! and of course a report went along with it!

She inspired me to create my own dinosaurs for some new birthday stickers!
which one would you pick? My 7 year old loves the Triceratops....and of course, my little 4 year old loves the Stegosaurus dinosaur getting ready to party! For more information on my dino stickers email me at

Tomorrow i will be at school helping her class create a dinosaur cake!
In the meantime, we are going excavating.....

This is an easy project, perfect for afterschool snack time
Fossil Excavating with your Children and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Explain to your kids that Paleontologists have to work very long hours to dig dinosaur bones out of the earth. They have to be careful that the bones do not break. This requires them to have patience when they work.
 Have your child pretend to be a paleontologist in this fun at home science lesson.
Give your child a chocolate cookie, toothpick and a napkin. Have her try to excavate the chips from the cookie without breaking the chips, just like a real life paleontologist would dig a fossil out of the ground.

 It's fun to see the kids working so patiently.

After, they can eat the chips, and the cookies!

Have Fun!!!

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Jamey said...

cute idea, ur a creative gal