Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green Thoughts....

St. Patrick's Day is here tomorrow....
so stop by for a fun recipe,
we'll be in the kitchen with my good friend Ann Marie, with a delicious Irish treat

In the meantime, the girls and I will be making our
Leprechaun Trap catch that crazy little guy!

Try this easy St. Patrick's Day Craft tonight with your kids!
Take any size shoebox and cover it with tin foil.
Use glue or tape to secure the foil to the box. You can also use some glittery paper for this too!
Cut shamrocks out of green felt and attach to box. You can also get creative and decorate the box with hand drawn items like rainbows, gold coins and irish flags or St. Patty's stickers
Set the box outside of your door tonight,
and if you are Lucky enough to receive a visit from the Leprechaun, he will leave a little present right outside your door...

The kids love this project. The Leprechaun might leave a little something in the box.
Gold Chocolate Coins
Green M&M's
Green Glow Sticks
Orange socks
St. Patty's Day stickers
...just about anything goes, as long as it's green and orange!
You get the idea, right!

Have Fun!

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