Thursday, April 1, 2010

Illustration Friday - Rescue

When she visited the shelter, CeCe couldn't help but Rescue them all....


KSK said...

I know the feeling! Thanks for talking about shelter pets - as a rescue volunteer, I'm all too familiar with the overload of innocent animals awaiting adoption. I've got 3 dogs and usually have a fourth in the foster slot :)

Kourtney Pulitzer Style Blog said...

hanks for your post! i LOVE your illustrations!


Susan said...

Awww, you've really touched my soft spot here Heather! I wish so much I could adopt them all like CeCe! I want more time so I can volunteer too, ugh - I can't wait till my Mom is fully recovered from her surgery, maybe then!

This is soooo adorable, I love all the expressions and your soft watercolors - love her shirt too, just wonderful!

Thanks so much for your ultra-kindly compliment for my rescue piece, you are such a sweetie! My dear friend Krista and I were just emailing about IF's POTW. It's not a goal of mine, but of course it's a nice compliment - but what we've noticed is that week after week after week (coninue indefinitely here...)the chosen pieces are ALWAYS pen or pencil LINE drawings with color. They are usually good, especially Amy C's for subterranean, but it just seems silly with the mega talents participating in this and the huge variety of styles and mediums out there that another style never seems to be chosen! I've been doing IF for nearly six solid months now and I don't ever recall seeing a POTW that was painterly, impressionistic or any other stlye other than line. Obviously that's the favorite medium of the ladies who run the site - sorry this is SO long, I guess you've struck a nerve and just had to ramble! Anyway thanks again, and have a wonderful Easter!


Debbie Clandening said...

Good for CeCe!!! They are all so cute I'm very glad she recued them.Lovely illustration.