Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Friday

Happy Friday...
So, just taking a little break from watercolors today,  and I'm thinking of  colors to paint my bedroom walls -
they are bubblegum PINK right now...romantic right?
So, I'm off to the paint store...they know me there...."Back again...???!"
So, I might have a small obsession with PAINT!!!!

This time I'm going to try these samples....

All from Benjamin Moore.
What do you think?
I want GLAMOUR - I want something SPARKLEy - I'm done with the PINK...
I want to feel like I LOVE my bedroom....
So, these bedrooms from Bella Notte are my inspiration.
BTW, Bella Notte makes the SOFTEST most luxurious
throws and blankets this side of dreamland. The Silk Velvet Quilted blanket is a MUST!
Highly recommend...and SO dreamy....
What about this room?
Again from Bella Notte
.... black and white again...
Yes, It is my favorite color scheme!, here goes!
what are you up to today?


Marlene said...

Love the colors and the sample bedrooms are way cool and they are so sophisticated and fit for female and males as well. Good Choices.

bob said...

Blue Skies needs to be a mural on my living room wall.