Monday, January 10, 2011

A HUGE Thank YOU!!!!

Wow, what can I say, step away from the computer for a day and I return to find a Stylish blogger Award in my mailbox, from Lady Cat, Missy, Jehanne and Christie!  Girls,  YOU ROCK!

 Thank you, thank you, thank you! This means so much to me. I love working on my blog and to be acknowledged by you all is just amazing to me. You really made my day!!!

Here is how it works, once you accept the award you may pass it on to 15 other recently discovered blogs. At the same time, you must tell 7 things about yourself. AND, finally... thank and link back to the totally stylish blogger that nominated you!!! Sounds fun! So here goes....

7 Things about Me
1. I am addicted to Starbucks....Venti Skim Misto. I love going to Starbucks and was chosen the customer of the month...he he he.
2. I am an only child
3. I live in a home that was built in 1763 looted by the Tories during the Revolutionary War....
4.  I have green eyes
5. I am a huge interior design junkie, too....I am nominating one of my favorite Interior Bloggers
6. I prefer french fries and buttered bread to ice cream and cake
7.  and I am an Aries...joyful, energetic, enthusiastic  - A child at heart
            (imaptient and impulsive - well, we all have our negatives... he he he!)

And I am passing this Stylish Award to:

Betsy at My Five Men - I would say you have to be pretty darn Stylish to be a mother of Autistic triplets and have a blog this fab!
Jennifer Bower
Penny Lane Ink
Diana's Art Blog
Soeurettes Studios
Art Memoirs
Sung Hee Regina
Ivy Allover
Chasing the Crayon
Joanna Pass
Krista Hamrick
Heather Foust
Marlene's Musings
A Dancing Mango
and one more Michele at Mushroom Tender
and Knight Moves (just one of my favorite Interior Bloggers)
ok, i know i added an extra! I want you all to discover these blogs!

So, If you haven't visited these bloggers, please do so, I know you will enjoy them!

Thank you Again!  - Heather


Jennifer Bower said...

MAN! I can't wait to get my studio finished and my computer back up. Impossible to keep up from the Blackberry! Congratulations and I enjoyed learning something new about you! I am deeply flattered as well. Once the home computer is back up and running I will be graciously attending to this lovely award.

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

OMG, Thank you so much, Heather !
I am very honored !! =)
You do deserve Stylish blog award with all these fantastic illustrations and thanks for giving me one, as well ! Lots of Love to you !! xoxoxo

Shirley said...

Love your blog, Heather! And what a wonderful banner design...awesome. Such a well-deserved award..congratulations! It is so nice to get to know a bit about you...have a great week ahead!

Jenny Blair said...

Yay!! Congratulations for the Award. And so lovely to read a bit more about you! :)
I love your bunny on skies too! Snow is certainly fun when you get to stream down a hill with the wind in your hair! Not so fun when it has to be shovelled!

Marlene said...

Thank you Heather, you are so sweet. I will be back later to accept and pass this on, Have some errands now that just won't wait.

LadyCat said...

It's so nice to learn more about you. Your house and it's history sounds intriguing. I am familiar with a couple of your blogs listed and am off to check out the others : )

Brian Miller said...

congrats on teh award...well deserved of course...customer of the month at *bux....nice...yeah i got a slight coffee addiction...smiles.

Tracy said...

Congrats on your I like all of your drawings but I do have to say that today's is one of my favorites. It is so cute and just has a flair about so cute!

Betsy said...

Awww..thank you, dear! Love your blog and getting to know you. You are a great talent and a queen of interior design from what I could see from your Christmas decor home pictures. :) How fun!

Julia Christie said...

Heather I am so excited for you! You totally deserve this as your blog is fab and I always leave inspired and feeling good!

so congrats and thanks for introducing so many new artists etc to us.


Rebecca Anthony said...

Thank you so much Heather!! I am honored to receive such an award from someone who consistently inspires me. Thank you!!

Amalia K said...

Congrats on the award, Heather! And thank you so much for passing it to are just so sweet!

I think I'm with you on the french fries and buttered bread part. YUM!
Oh, and your new banner is delicious too!! (^_^) ox

Christie said...

What great facts about you! Glad to see you nominated by so many! The Starbucks one is hilarious!!!! LOL

Tammie said...

wow, customer of the month.... I hope you own stock in their company ;-)

lovely to learn more about you.
it will be fun to visit some of your favs.... wishing you a lovely week.

Denise Collins (nee Gilgannon) said...

Thanks, heather! Truly an honor! I cannot wait to visi tthe other blogs you recommend. I iwll pass this forward tomorrow as I am off to bed now! Predicting a snow day Wednesday so I will have time to post in between shoveling! Thanks again! Starbucks rules!

Bee's Blog said...


Diana said...

Heather, your so sweet to pass on the award, thank you. I've always been of big fan of yours, too. You deserve to be recognized. xoxoxo

michele said...

Congratulations! You are so very deserving of this stylish award- you deserve an extra serving! I enjoyed reading this post, learning more about you and will be happy to be introduced to the others you are sharing this with... Thank you for including me! :o)

luluslovlies said...

Congrats as being awarded The Stylish Blog award, I was also and now I'm trying to make a few visits a day since I followed through on playing the award forward. It is nice to visit you and this is a fun adventure. I'm going to have to visit you friend that has Autistic triplets and I have a Grandson with Autism. Blessings to you. Marilou

AtelierBrigitte said...

Congrats on you blog award!
I'll visit the blogs on your list, thank you for sharing.

ChasingtheCrayon said...

Hey, congrats Heather..thanks as well for including my blog in your list, it means a lot

Anonymous said...

Heather! OMG.. my favorite little illustrator!
I have been gone the past few days.. Just found your posting.
Thank you so much for this award!
It is so nice of you to think of me and also sharing everything new about you.
I will post the award tonight on my blog and link up!
Thank you so much again my friend.
Hugs, DArlene

Roxy Te said...

Congrats, lady! I love your old house ;)

Joanna Pass said...

Congrats on your award and thank you for sending one over to me. I'm struggling to find time to compile a list of 15 other worthy blogs and make links etc. So unfortunately I'm going to decline my award :(