Thursday, March 17, 2011

Think Green

May your blessings out number
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.
~Irish Blessing

Think Green
mmm, starting my day with Green Bagels
and a visit from the Leprechaun....
How about you?
What are you up to today?


"This is a Leprechaun"
by Saylor
age 5 1/2

"Happy St. Patrick's Day"
by Summer\
age 8 1/2

Have a Great Day!


Brian Miller said...

yeah just watch eating those green bagels...err...happy st pats! def wear green!

Rebecca Anthony said...

Good morning Heather, Green bagels, I love it!! A Lovely GREEN post you have here(O: Wishing you a very Happy and GREEN St Patrick's day!! I've got my green on today(O:

art2cee2 said...

Cute drawings! I remember when my daughter was in first grade. She was so naive and innocent. Her teacher put down paper footprints and told the class that Pat the leprechaun had visited the classroom and left a pot of gold wrapped candy. Many of the other children just scoffed at it and said they didn't believe but my Mary...would have none of that an announced the she felt him tugging at her shoelaces the previous day. It made the local paper and when I pull out that clipping, I still smile. :-)

Marlene said...

Happy St. Pats to you! Love the green post and the kids art is super.

Deanna said...

I have the same Prismacolor markers! lol. Very cute leprechaun and a lovely little shamrock!

Christine said...

Happy St Patrick's Day! I love that mug, I love polka dots and madeline with her clover!

the enigma said...

love this post! for me, green peas for today :D

Jennifer Noel Bower said...

I guess I need to be pinched. I forgot all about St. Pats. I have a smidge of Irish but not enough to claim my own holiday. But green is one of my favorite colors so this post is lovely to behold. I can just smell the markers from know I have a bad habit of huffing those. Love the art from your two sweet little ones.

Julia Christie said...

Happy St. Patty's to you and your adorable girls! I see they have inherited Mama's talent! Great Drawings from both of them!


michele said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your sweet, talented little girls!
I'm wearing my green today, of course! Yesterday, I sneaked out to get a Shamrock Shake at Mickey D's- Shhh! :o)

EVA said...

Happy St Paddy's day! Lovely drawings Summer and Saylor!!