Friday, July 20, 2012

Finding the Everything

Yes, It's true...There is beauty in everything....
Stop and take a look around....
There is beauty right before your eyes....

Even the smallest moments in our lives 
can hold some of the most wonderful gifts.
 It's amazing what we can see, if we just take a moment to look!

Some beauty from my week
A cool breeze on a hot summer day - boy that felt good!
a hug from someone you love - thanks kids!
a summer thunderstorm - love them!
finding a starfish - yes, I did!
So, why not go out this weekend
and find the simple beauty in everything! 
Come on and join me!

 On another note,
we are having so much fun with our new Summer Soiree Collection.

I love our packaging. It's oh so pretty!
And our updated Facebook TimeLine Cover, is up and running!

Come by and say hi

to see more of the Summer Soiree Collection, visit The Shop, here

Wishing you a Fabulous Weekend!


craftattack said...

Great ideas, illustrations and quote! Have a great weekend, too, and have fun! Valerie

Amalia K said...

Well said, Heather! Your new collection looks so lovely, I'm sure you'll get oodles of sales too! :)

Hugs oxx

Christine said...

such pretty packaging and thanks for today's uplifting message!

Brian Miller said...

woot...i frimly believe there is beauty in everything...really cool on your updates as the list of the little found a starfish...that is way cool...on vacation starting today in branson so may not be around this week much...

WrightStuff said...

A visit to the garden centre is always something to treasure - I bought some lovely new plants today :)