Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Creative Tuesdays - Birds of a Feather

Birds of a feather
flock together
and these two cutie birds are staying together!


I added some green thanks to my bloggy friend!

That's the theme over at Creative Tuesday's this week!

See you there!


Betsy Brock said...'s singing out little adorable!

Christine said...

very sweet Heather!

Brian Miller said... her and her friend...the leaves are a bit brown for me, if i can offer just a spot of crit...smiles.

Heather said...

yes brian! It's ok!!! :)
I was playing around with a paper fill! maybe I will put some green in!
thanks! xo

Brian Miller said... brown was just so hard it became the center for me...i like the greeen...smiles.

Missy said...

what two cuties! I want a birdie friend like that!

Alexandra said...
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Alexandra said...

This is way too cute, Heather! :)

Rita said...

so cute, Heather. I love it with the green.

MMm.. said...

Two sweet "birds" indeed. Love it, Heather. What a fine piece to throw yourself back into the fray--under the "wire" as you said. no punn intended, right? :) Wonderful to have you back. So enjoy this. with your other pieces below too, with taking a peek.

Fred Rutherford said...

love the good vibes here…and love how you used the metaphor…really nicely done. thanks

Dina Thanki said...

Adorable illustration, such a cute little birdie x

Sandra van Doorn said...

how cute is she!