Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On Being Kind to All Things

This is a special illustration that I designed for my daughter's teacher, Mrs. Lewis.
Each year Mrs. Lewis receives duck eggs from her sister's farm. She brings them in for the class to observe and keeps them safe and protected in an incubator under the careful watch of her students. Then, one magical day, the eggs begin to crack, and the gift of life is hatched right before the students' eyes. The students get to name the ducks. 

 It's an amazing experience. 
The children care for the ducklings throughout the next couple of days, and then Mrs. Lewis brings the ducklings back to her sister's farm where they will live and continue to grow. She shares their life's journey as they get bigger with her students via photos and videos of "their" ducks.

It's something that she does every year.  She doesn't get any extra credit, extra pay or special recognition for this. It something she does out of the simple kindness of her heart...because she cares about her students...I find that so inspiring!

So, this is my Thank You to her!
Thanks Mrs. Lewis!


Lakshmi Damodar said...

How sweet!!! lovely purple girly. I wish my daughter would be this lovely when she grows up

Brian Miller said...

oh wow what a cool experience with teh duck eggs and watching them birth...that is awesome....and great for the kids....also a very cool illustration....and a belief i have as well...

Christine said...

very sweet sketch and sentiment Heather!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

That is so sweet! What an amazing experience for the kids. Such a special teacher!!

Michaele Razi said...

Loves! So wonderful!