Friday, March 15, 2013

Coffee Carnations

These are fun little 'flowers' to make and wear on St. Patrick's Day

White Coffee Filters
Hot Glue Gun
Water color
Paint Brush
and safety pin or pin back

Bundle coffee filters together squeezing at the bottom.
Wrap a "stem" with green ribbon around the base of the filters. Hot glue the ribbon tightly.
Allow to dry

Now for the fun part, paint your 'petals' with green water color paint

Let dry 
Attach a safety pin or pin back to the 'stem' with hot glue 

and TA- DA! - 
they are ready for your lucky little leprechauns to wear!


Brian Miller said...


be sure you wear them so you avoid the pinch!

Alexandra said...

What a very cute idea. :)

Christine said...

Sweet craft! Happy St Patrick's Day Heather! said...

How perfect for St. Patrick's day. Pinning it