Monday, March 4, 2013

Grab Your Pencil

It's so true! I love this quote - Are you ready for an adventure?  Just grab a pencil and a piece of paper and you are off and running anywhere you would like! Maybe you draw the letters of your name in a fancy script. Maybe it's a sandy beach scene on a cold winter's day...Or maybe you write an award winning speech, or a thoughtful love poem with your #2, but whatever you sketch or scribble you are beginning an imaginative 
trip to anywhere your mind can take you!
Isn't that wonderful?

So if we are going on a trip we need some cool pencils to take us there...
Here are a few of my favorites 
I am thinking of upgrading myself to these white days of the week pencils  or Wear Sequins to Breakfast Pencils....All from Amanda Catherine Designs
(I love the idea of a pink pencil!)

 Nothing like a pencil scripted with inspiration - So, OH Happy Day! and We are What We Make 
are 2 more of my favorites available here 

I'm off to draw my next adventure!

*Pencil Print available here


Melissa Saylor said...

Okay, I need new pencils now. I am inspired!

Heather B. said...

Love this, Heather! I always have a pencil handy...mine are polka dot, but I'm tempted to splurge on the ones you have listed. :)

Brian Miller said... even have cool pencils...and i wish my kids at school could keep pencils....

Manon said...

Lol very cool!