Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hello May....

Hello May
We welcome you with OPEN arms!
Time to run barefoot through the grass and deliver your May Baskets...

We used to create May Baskets in elementary school- Do you remember? 
 We would decorate our handmade tiny paper baskets and fill them with flowers we picked and some kind of little sweet or homemade treat. It was tradition to leave them anonymously on your neighbors door ....

Who wouldn't LOVE coming home to one of these hanging on your doorstep?

So making these with the girls from Tried and True

And this gorgeous crochet basket is my favorite from  From Bobby Lewin on Etsy...


May Illustration is now available here in our The Shop!

Happy May Day!


alarmcat said...

oh, yes, i remember making May Baskets!!

Kerry @ Made For Real said...

Yay May, my bday month!!