Monday, May 6, 2013


Do you compare yourself to others?
Do you look at the people around you and think, " Gee if I only was as thin, athletic, talented, rich, happy, pretty, lucky, smart, (etc) as that person, my life would be better? More fulfilled?

Well, one of my favorite quotes, Comparison is the Thief of Joy really helps you put those feelings to rest.
Think about it....When you compare yourself to others, you are forgetting to see how capable and beautiful you really are. When we look at others in a light that's brighter than our very own, it diminishes your self value and your own self worth.

Why compare yourself to someone else? YOU are YOU. There is NEVER going to be another person like you out there....Isn't that kind of cool? Isn't better to look inside and see all the amazing things that you have to offer rather than looking at someone else and seeing what they have and measuring their worth against your very own?

So let's not let Miss Comparison raid our thoughts and steal our joy....let's be happy with who and what we are and focus on keeping the joy in our very precious one and ONLY lives!


Kerry @ Made For Real said...

Well said : )

michele said...

Amen to that! Have a joyful weekend- Happy Mother's Day! :o)