Friday, June 14, 2013

In love with ....this week's MUST Haves

Those of you that know me, know my obsession with black and white. From my clothes to my house, it's pretty much my staple....BUT, lately I am falling in love with another color....yes, GOLD! Black and Gold is so rich, and so fun....So this week I share with black and gold cRUSH!


1& 2. TOTALLY obsessed with THE ROPES, these gorgeous bracelets are at the top of my list this week... Made by Shana Aldrich Ready, they are just too cool and are the perfect accessory for my summer style.  

3. and who WOOD'nt want to write with GOLD WOODen pencils?
These are just too fabulous not to have....from my new favorite Etsy shop InkKit

4. I love Stephanie Creekmur's shop on Etsy, too....this Hey Y'all print is so fun!

5. and of course, being born and raised in New Jersey, this gorgeous art print from Rocket Ink has got to have a place in my home...

Hope you enjoyed a little BLACK and Gold fun!
and a my favorite things from this week!

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Anonymous said...

beautiful representation of black and gold, very classy!!!