Friday, June 7, 2013

Perfectly Pink - Must Haves

So it's a rainy day here on the East Coast, and I feel like brightening things up with a few of my favorite things in one of the most happiest colors out there....

1. I am slightly obsessed with Nicole Porter's shop on Etsy amazing housewares. I love the idea of the neon salad bowls. GORGEOUS.

2. Bouquets of Peonies filling the studio today....they smell sooo good

3. Seriously need to snuggle with a pink cat...from BubyNoa on cute is he?

4. Gorgeous necklace from another one of my favorite shops on Etsy, I'll pair this with a white tank and jeans for an easy effortless look.

5. and a new neon wallet from Tory Burch will guarantee my wallet won't get lost in my purse!


5 comments: said...

Rainy in Virginia too. You are right that sometimes color brightens up a dreary day. :-)

maddyrose said...

I live where we get more rainy days than not so I know how it feels to need a little boost of color to brighten a dreary day and these lovely pink things do it marvelously.

Alexandra said...

Wow...I LOVE the pink bouquet! Very stunning, Heather. :) Happy PINK Friday!

Kerry @ Made For Real said...

Baby pink peonies on my table right now - the best today! Love your picks - off to browse those etsy shops

Joni Nickrent said...

Pink is a perfect color and you've picked some positively perfect things!