Friday, July 12, 2013

Blue Hue LOVE - Most Wanted

I am in love with the color Maritime Blue. Reminds me of the deep blue sea - 
So this week, my favorites are all in this gorgeous summery hue.

1. When I couldn't find the exact blue hue to match my color crush, I painted my own.

2. I love sachets in drawers, suitcases, and closets, especially when they are this beautiful!
These gorgeous sachets from Gardenmis on Etsy are Filled with jasmine, rose and lavender.

3. The handmade porcelain cheeseboards from mb art studios are so simple and modern. I love them. 
They make the perfect hostess gift. 

4. and finally, I already have fall fashion on my mind....( I know, it's 100 degrees) but I can't help myself.
These booties from my favorite Tory Burch, are at the top of my list....




Rita said...

Lovely collection of such a pretty color. Those boots! I'm in love...

Heather said...

I agree Rita, love those boots! xx

Wanda said...

I was just looking at my boots! Sad, sad and more sad. They are so old, so worn, so needing to be replaced...but I love them. I MUST, like you look ahead for New Boots!!!

These are darling, but wouldn't match anything of mine. I need those old standard tan ones.

Priscilla of Gardenmis said...

A most beautiful color! Thank you for including my sachets among your lovely choices. :)