Friday, July 19, 2013

Hello Weekend

Hello weekend! I am so glad to see you - 
Forecasters are calling for 100 degree temperatures today in the Northeast, and it's going to feel like 107 degrees with the humidity. That's just too hot....So, the perfect place to spend my weekend will be in the about are things heating up in your neck of the woods?
Happy Weekend

 - xx


Wanda said...

Heather, this little gal looks just like YOU. How darling. You make a great subject for your adorable creations of children.

Going to Santa Barbara this weekend, so I'll be enjoying it!

Emma Grace Anthony said...

I love your art! This piece makes me want to have a relaxing day, loving it! You always make me happy and put a smile on my face and you have done just that today!

Alexandra said...

This is way too cute! I want to hop on a floatie myself and bathe in the sun. :)