Wednesday, January 22, 2014

HOw do you DO SNOW days

SnOw Day
Well, the Polar Vortex is back, too - and we are buried inside at 0 degrees....
Yes that's right zero - so our outside time will be limited today.
How do you spend your snow day?
Here's what on our list:
Hot Cocoa
Build a Snowman
More Hot Cocoa
More Hot Cocoa...
Got the point?
It's Cold Out!
So, tell me what do you do on a Snow Day?
- xx


Brian Miller said...

i have been stuck inside 5 we are a little stir crazy at this point....

we have gone through several science experiment recipes....flarp, play dough...had cooking is obstacle courses....

Heather said...

oh you have some good ideas!
I like the obstacle course....5 days???? wow!

lissa said...

definitely staying indoor is one way to spend snow days. bundle up and watch movies and tv shows and if I'm not too lazy, maybe do something practical but is not too hard.

hope you have a sweet & warm day.

Michaele Razi said...

Love your illustration!

Build a fire, bake some cookies and PLAY!

Kelly Silva said...

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