Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Walking in Her Shoes....and Choosing to Fly

Choose to use your own fly....
Dear you,
you were born with wings go ahead and use them.....give yourself the power to fly....
you've got high places to soar to!
- xx me
Now, speaking of flying....I can't believe how this winter has flown by.
I am excited that the first day of Spring is tomorrow.
So, sometimes people ask me where I get my inspiration from for the girls and the outfits I put them in...Well, today's inspiration came from a skirt I had dreamed up in my head ( oh, if only I could sew) so I drew up my skirt
 ( a white silk circle skirt with oversized black butterflies...)
and added a leather jacket....
So now, I am bringing you a live version of my drawing...
something new I would like to share here on my blog....
I will call it
A Walk in Her Shoes
(bringing my girls to life with real clothes for real people!)
combined with that, I will tell a bit about where my ideas for the drawings come from....

When I drew this outfit, I had Spring on my mind. I was inspired by the easy effortless look of a leather jacket I saw on Pinterest paired with a more feminine circle skirt. Unfortunately, I couldn't find this exact skirt I had in my mind, but I found something that I think looks great, in it's place.
As for the cobalt blue, well I absolutely love it paired with this season's effortless combination of black and white ( my favorite combo)....knowing that even for us true black devotees we need a pop of color sometimes....just like the first pops of color in Spring....which, by the way, I can't wait until tomorrow and the first day of spring!
Spring is all about layering and saying good bye to tights and heavy coats...and hello to easy breezy flats and lightweight coats...
- until tomorrow (spring!)
Gotta Fly!!!


Anonymous said...

this lovely and even more special brought to life, wonderful inspiration, I love how the one flew off her skirt!

Heather said...

thank you laurie!!! XOXO