Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Sketches...I Heart Spring Because....



1. Hula Hoops Return
2. I can wear flip flops Again!
3. The Lilacs are Blooming
4. Love is in the air
and ....GREEN is back by popular demand...

What do you love about Spring's return...?

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My daughter Summer made the heart on this post, you see...she's a budding little artist herself!


Julia Christie said...

I love flipflops and just got my first pair of the season! I love this sketch - she is so joyful! Yeah! She exudes happiness :-)

Smiles and have a great Sunday!

lissa said...

cute drawing and I like the hula hoop

I like spring for it's changing skies, really, I think the clouds even looks like they're happy it's spring

-thanks for your visit

Susan said...

Hi Heather! Thanks so much for your visit, I think I left a comment for your Q & U, if I forgot, I'm sorry, I just love that painting, wonderful! Your little spring girl is adorable, what joy! Your daughter's heart is lovely too. Hmmm....spring, so many reasons to love it. I love the emerging bulbs pushing their way through the earth and the buds emerging from the trees. The early flowering trees are in bloom here now, and it makes plain 'ol main street look like a fairyland!

Thanks for your kind and warm wishes I really appreciate it!

Happy SS! Susan

Marlene said...

Heather, thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments. I love your red haired girl, so fun. What I love about Spring is that I finally get the chance to not be cold!

Dessa Rae said...

Hi Heather,
She is adorable and so full of life. I love her personality!!!
Thanks for your visit!!

Sophia said... simple, yet SO effective. I love her and the little hula hoop. :) Adore. And I love her hair! Brill!

Happy Sunday!

apinkdreamer said...

so cute and joyful!!!

Tammie said...

sweet drawing, I can feel her glee about Spring.

I like Spring for it's flowers, which we do not have yet. What we do have is dramatic skies, squalls of snow and wind and more critters arrive everyday.

WrightStuff said...

Ah yes, summer shoes. I wore flip flops at the weekend. My feet couldn't quite get over the shock of all that fresh air!

pinkglitterfae said...

what a sweet sketch! brings back memories of when I was a little girl, with my hula hoop, lol!

How wonderful that your daughter loves art too, you could both sit down and create together!

One of my favorite parts of spring is seeing my magnolia tree bloom, and the daffodils.