Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Sketches - Signs of Summer

a sample of my sketch pad -
 some of my favorite signs of summer are here, and
some I have already inked in....
(and the kite got cut off in my scanner....)
I hope you are all enjoying your summer days...
Please visit my friend, Sophia over at the Blue Chair Diary for lots more fun Sunday Sketches!

fans ...i have had mine on HIGH all week...
buckets and buckets and buckets of sand!
what are some of your favorite signs of summer?


Katerina Galati said...

Nice sketches, I love summer but hate the heat. Have a nice sunday!!

Julia Christie said...

Hi Heather. Great sketches. Makes me want to drag out the fan here and we have not been that hot!

I love your style - can't say it enough.

Have a great sunday!

Marlene said...

Fun sketches and I love the kite tail, it is perfect!

lissa said...

lovely drawings, I like the flower and the fan the best

Sophia said...

I absolutely love that little sand bucket! :) Thanks so much for sharing a page from your sketchbook. Love to see how your creative brain is working "on the side". hee hee

Happy Sunday! Much love! :)

WrightStuff said...

Oh these are lovely. The fan cooled me down, I could feel its lovely breeze. I have a soft spot for hydrangas - makes me want to sketch some too.

Deanna said...


You always have the cutest sketches! I envy your illustrative talent. I tried to draw some rocks and I don't think anyone but me would be able to discern what they are. lol.

I'm not a fan of summer. I'm a Fall/Winter girl. When I think of summer I think hot, humid and sweaty. I love cooler weather cause I get to snuggle under blankets, sweatshirts and big fluffy sweaters.

Fair Rosamund said...

These are all so fun!! You are very talented :) I hope you are having a lovely Sunday! ~Lauren

Lenora said...

Summer fun - we always like the sketch page sketches!

pinkglitterfae said...

your artwork is so charming!
hope you are managing to stay cool this summer.

kelly@thebluemuse said...

I have always wished to have a sketchpad like that, mine always end up filled with words instead :)

Fireflies are one of my favorite signs of summer. Dip top ice cream cones. Staying up late to finish a book.