Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weekend Reads

Happy Friday, my friends.
I am enjoying an old favorite
book with my kids this weekend -
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume -
do you remember it?
and I am almost through with 
by Emma Donoghue -
anyone else read it?

I finished The Help
and have enjoyed listening to the soundtrack this past week in my studio -
 ( thanks to my girls for buying it for me!)
...these two girls above are the same drawing - painted with different mediums -
just playing around while I listen...

Have a great weekend!


Susanna said...

have a lovely weekend yourself with great new illustrations!

Brian Miller said...

nice...they came out so different...and they look older than your typical girls as well...

so was ROOM good?

Jessie said...

It's lovely to play around while listening isn't it?! Thanks for sharing. :) xx

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Oh ~ no PPF for you? Your work is so wonderful ~ Glad you are enjoying your reading and Have a great weekend ~ thanks for posting on my blog Share the Creative Journey ~ ^_^ namaste, Carol ^_^

Jennifer Noel Bower said...

Oh, however do you find the time to do it all. I love the top girl - the color saturation and intensity in her eyes is amazing. I am STILL reading the pirate hunter but feel that pastime will take a back seat until after the conference. Have a wonderful weekend.

maddyrose said...

I haven't read any of the books you've mentioned. Are they intended for the younger set?
I've always found it interesting that the same subject can look so different dependng on the medium used in painting it. Both of the paintings here are lovely. Have a wonderful weekend.

Catherine... said...

I haven't read either of those books...but what a great weekend you've got lined up...can't think of anything better. I used to do that with my girls....heaven..... :)

Wanda said...

Love your relaxing weekend with reading with your children, and painting you lovely illustrations.

Have a super good weekend...sending love.

Julia Christie said...

Happy Friday dear Heather! What a cute pair you have here - I like the different colors in each piece. I just finished 'the help' too and i've heard the recorded version is really good! I'll have to check into getting that!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!


Gloria said...

Hi Heather. Great illustrations. I haven't ready those books but they look very interesting. Happy PPF!

My Grama's Soul said...

Such wonderful illustrations Heather.....I, too, really enjoyed the help....although I read it in print.

Have a lovely weekend,


Amalia K said...

Oh my gosh! I grew up reading tons of Judy Blume! This certainly jogged my memory back to those good old days...

Your girls look lovely as always! :)