Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY - Make Your Own Purse and our Scrap Book Paper Gift

Kids love having their own loot.
  This is the perfect purse to store ALL of their lemonade stand money in!

You probably have everything you need right now
 at home to make this fun hand bag!

Here is what you will need
Mod Podge
Cereal or cracker box
Scrapbook paper ( we used our very own Summer Soiree Paper)
Paint brush
Hole Puncher

Now, let's get started...
1.Take box and cut off the top flaps, and fold the sides in
  so that the long sides touch each other.

2. Tear scrapbook paper into small pieces

3.  Cover entire front of box with Mod Podge 
This is fun and easy - perfect for little hands

4. Stick paper scraps to box and cover again with Mod Podge

5. Repeat this step for all 4 sides of the box.
It's OK if the paper overlaps, you can simply glue it down with more Mod Podge.

6.Let dry

7. Cut holes in top of bag for handles. 
Then, hole punch the sides
thread ribbon through the holes on the sides.

and fill with treasure!

8. Have fun!

Here is just one of the papers we used to create this fun recycled handbag.
It's our gift to YOU
Click on the picture and save it and use it for your very own projects.
AND, if you do, please share it with us!

Summer Soiree Mermaid Twist Paper 

Have fun!


Brian Miller said...

nice.....creative fun...and i like the paper with your mermaids on it...smiles.

maddyrose said...

What a clever idea for a fun craft project and the Summer Soiree paper is delightful. I just love the Mermaid Twist Paper.

Wanda said...

If little girls could pick a mom...You would have hundreds of happy children.

This is such a delightful idea, and what fun in the making!

BTW your personalized paper is so cool!

craftattack said...

Lovely idea. I think all kids would have fun making it! Valerie

Denise Mulligan said...

So cute that I'm going to tweet it.

Joni Nickrent said...

Fun Stuff Heather...thanks for sharing!

Joni Nickrent said...

Fun Stuff Heather...thanks for sharing! said...

Cute Heather! I'm sure the girls had fun creating them! Love the paper too!! :-)

Christine said...

gosh neat paper! and such a fun craft!

Betsy Brock said...

Oh, I love this! I wonder if I could make an adult version...maybe to hold my snacks and a bottle of water when I'm at the auctions! Adorable!