Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oscar Party Prep

 It's Oscar Weekend. The girls and I have been planning our Oscar party all week. It's tradition to host an "Oscar" themed party in my house. This year I have found some amazing ideas on Pinterest....that I want to share with YOU all

We will be making up our own ballots- casting our votes for Best Picture, but we always include some fun "extra" categories for when we are watching the Pre-Show. Categories like Best Dressed, Most Beautiful, Most Handsome, Prettiest hair, and of course, WORST dressed! 
This glittered bag idea is from Studio DIY. They will be the perfect craft for the girls to keep their official voting ballots in - 

While we are watching, we can munch on these
 Walk of Fame Brownies from Amy Atlas, they totally look the part.

In past years, we have cooked up a recipe from one of the Nominated pictures. This year we will definitely be including cheese and honor of President Lincoln, it was rumored that he loved a good cheese plate....

We will also be celebrating the fact that Brave, was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film with these adorable Bear Paw Cookies, from here

This cute walk of fame craft project from MirandaMade will keep the girls busy while we are listening to the speeches!

 and, finally I have just ordered these from one of my favorite cookie shops in NYC
Eleni's they are so pretty and they taste delicious, too!

For more of our Hollywood Style plans hop on over to Pinterest and follow us along as we plan our Oscar Celebration.

See you there!


Brian Miller said...

ha...those star cookies look amazing...have fun at your party...smiles.

Christine said...

such fun! Wish I was on the invitation list!

Anonymous said...

the cookies <3 <3 <3