Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's Fixed

Speaking of fresh starts, I am back and ready to start posting again! Today is a fresh start for this blog! For awhile, I just couldn't get signed it...and then things got crazy busy around The Studio, so now, with a little help I am back up and running!

Thanks everyone!
- xx


Christine said...

Hi Heather! So nice to hear from you, welcome back!

Edi said...

So glad to hear things are back up and running. Looking forward to checking out the blog on a regular basis. Welcome Back :) !!

Alexandra said...

Glad to see you back and look forward to your regular posts. You've been missed and so miss seeing you over at SS and CT. :)


Puramente Sally* said...

I have really to say it... I just loofa your illustrations!!! So feminine, elegant, simple and touching!!! Thank you for inspiring me and encouraging me every single day!
Kindly, Sally

Dhes Borja said...

Hi Heather! you are amazing I am blessed with your talent continue sharing it with us..

P.S more modest apparel please haha

Thanks and God bless

Disha Bisto said...

i want to say thank you. Every work of encouragement helps anyone in a certain way. Thank you for spreading posivity. I am seeing the blogs/pictures from Pinterest.

Keep up the good work & more power to you :)

PerfectShots by Gloria said...

Love it!!!

Kimster said...

Dear Heather,
I love the fashionistas in your illustrations! Even if you didnt write the lovely quotations, they would be inspiring! I do have a request though...the quotations tend to repeat a lot...can your followers offer suggestions/quotations?
Love the apparels!

Lilian Avon said...

Hi I love you work is so beautiful I would like to know if you can send material by regular mail or is just to print it? Thanks again I follow you on Facebook ������������