Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Going to the Chapel Part II

Introducing  Q & U

Q & U the finished product...
What a blast the kids had at the wedding of Q & U....
The teachers at my daughters pre-school asked me to create an invitation for the wedding of Q & U,
this is the front cover artwork
 ....I had sooo much fun with this...I think the kids did too!

Her teachers are so creative, they put together a wonderful celebration, and the kids learned all about how
Q and U are perfect together...

They sat on Quilts, signed the wedding book with a Quill and lunched on
Quesadillas and Quiche
and threw Q-tips instead of rice!

How fun is that?
The whole alphabet was represented as you can see!

Don't you just love teachers that make learning fun?
Thanks Miss Gayle and Miss Jenn, for letting me be a part of this!



Julia Christie said...

I just knew this was going to turn out fabulous! I love it. And yes, when you come across a teacher that makes it fun, what a treasure! This is great.


Amy C said...

oh my gosh that is so super cute

Krista said...

Wow-- how fun is THAT!! You took a great idea and made it FABULOUS!!

Susan said...

Wow Heather this came out simply charming! It looks awesome, and what a super-fun time the kids had. Good teachers are so special and invaluable. You're lucky to have such great people in your kid's lives, bravo!