Saturday, May 29, 2010

One of my favorites....Hydrangea

Happy Memorial Day
I'm gathering bouquets of one of my favorite flowers
and filling vases to the brim with Hydrangea...
white and blue!
My favorite summer flower!
Yippeee!....Summer is almost here!

It's a nice long weekend for me and the family...
we are going to eat lots of seafood, BBQ and hit the beach!
What are your plans?
Hope yours is a good one!

Images from House Beautiful Magazine


paula said...

hope you are having a wonderful weekend. hydrangeas are one of my faves.

Lenora said...

Bouquets! Lovely - mmmmm!

Sophia said...

VERY beautiful! :) I think summer is pretty much here in my quaint little town! :D


oggie bee said...

Hydrangea..also one of my favourite. so unique and mysterious flower...