Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Madeline and The Recital Part II

Madeline is practing for her recital
My Sunday Sketch of Madeline is finished,
and here she is.
I hope you like her!

She is for sale over at my Etsy
Have a great day


Deanna said...

She's absolutely gorgeous! I love her. She seems like a free spirit.

Amalia K said...

And she is adorable, Heather! I love how you've shaded her in such warm, warm colors... Just lovely! (^-^)

Marlene said...

Madeline is so cute. Just the kind of character my granddaughter would love.

Emakesart said...

Hi Heather! So glad you found my blog! I love your illustrations, they are so sweet! Have you illustrated any books yet? I f not I know you will, you're amazing!

Alexiev said...

Great mouse... Good art...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...

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