Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Sketches - Madeline

well, this is what happens

when your computer BREAKS and you don't know how to use your husbands! HA HA HA
And this is Madeline, my mouse on a mission to find the elusive monarch butterfly...

I came home today and my computer was KA-PUT, so I am working with what I have. I can't figure out how to crop a picture on his computer, so here is my Sunday Sketch...just smaller than I would like!

Why do we depend so much on something that we can't fix ourselves??? It's soooo frustrating....oh well, it's not the end of the world!!!

Anyway, for more pictures of Madeline, you can go here...Also,  don't forget to go to visit my friend, Sophia, over at the Blue Chair Diary for more cool artistic talent!
Happy Sunday!!! and keep your fingers crossed my computer is back for next week!


Julia Christie said...

Hi Heather! So sorry to hear about your computer! Darn those things anyway!

Love your mice series and Madeline is just too precious. Are you doing an illustrated book with this series? Hope so cause they are too cute!

Smiles and happy sunday

Marlene said...

I love Madeline she is so darn cute. I was going to ask if you were doing a book with her but Julia beat me to it.

Fair Rosamund said...

I am sorry to hear about your computer! That is so frustrating, I hope you can get it fixed soon! Madeline is so adorable, I love all the little details! Hope you are having a nice Sunday :) ~Lauren

Tammie said...

wishing you the best with your computer, ugh! Your mouse is so cute, I love the detail in its ear.

Also thank you for ideas with my scanner. I think my pencil lines are so light so that they do not show up when I go to colored pencil that they barely show up. Then when I edit them in iPhoto, some lines get real dark. I will try what you suggested!

lissa said...

she's adorable! love all the details especially the pocket

Juliette Crane said...

super adorable! i just love the softness in your artwork!

xoxo, juliette

AtelierBrigitte said...

Madeline is adorable!

Sophia said...

so sorry for the delay. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! Awwww..I want one! :)

Heather said...

Thank you everyone for the kinds words! I appreciate all of you and your thoughts, so very very much!!!